Travis Cutner

Certified Personal Trainer 

 +17 years’ of Experience 

+7 years Professional Football/Basketball: Europe, US, Canada: AFL, CFL, NFL , Minor League, etc.

+12 yrs in Martial Arts: Taekwondo, jujitsu, grappling, MMA, Fight Club University, AKA    

Travis Cutner was born into a military family lifestyle which was grounded in sports, gymnastics, and martial arts. Growing up in the south in a family of 5. My father was a military brat and athletics was a major part of my family history. College basketball, boxing, gymnastics, track n field, martial arts and bodybuilding were our Roots. Since my childhood I have been blessed to receive the knowledge and understanding in the fitness and health industry from my elders, professional athletes, bodybuilders, fighters and friends  from around the world. The first time that I entered the gym as a kid, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this industry which helped so many people change their life. I have always had the desire to help others prosper in their goals. After years of studying, experimenting, and transforming, I gained more understanding in the science and history of the fitness industry. Not only did I feel compelled to share my journey, but realized that it was my duty to help others on there journey as well. 

Even though working out is considered a solo sport, it is important to remember that Transformation is a team effort and that your never truly Alone in this fight.

I look forward to working with our clients and welcoming our members to the greatness of our family while helping our extended family change their lifestyle now. Transformation is just the beginning and the journey only gets better with time.

          Welcome to the Revolution and the new       Evolution of the Fitness Industry. 

EARN your Greatness

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Customized Meal Plans, Bi-weekly check in, Live Chats, Customized Workout Plans, Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment

Customized Fitness Assessments based off your current fitness level which is Geared to promote Growth and Progress Safely

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Testimonials from current and previous clients which is a open forum to help each other progress on their journey

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  1. Weekly  workout and Meal Plans
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  4. Specialized training: Boxing, MMA, Self Defense, Kick Boxing

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In person 1-on-1 training or group training  Boot Camps and Specialized Group training throughout GA, SC, and NC. 

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